Become part of the initiative for modern smoking

The CleanSmoke Coalition would like to invite you to take part in shaping the inevitable change in smoking and your own role. Become a member, because we have clear goals:

The clear declaration: Smoke

A Europe-wide, unequivocal recognition of CleanSmoke as smoke.

Consumer education and development of new markets

Joint marketing activities.

The CleanSmoke seal is used to label sustainably smoked food transparently and fairly.

Studies for fundamental knowledge

Facts about smoke and smoking processes for informed discussions.

Worldwide expert discussion: CleanSmoke Coalition Congress

At the CleanSmoke Coalition Congress, current developments and opportunities will be presented and discussed by international experts such as scientists, jurists, retailers, visionsaries and stakeholders.

As a member you stay up to date

The international industry meets in the Working Groups “Regulatory Affairs”, “Science” or “Marketing” and the General Assembly.

Newstickers and newsletters bring the exciting news first.

Regulatory/ Common legal principles

Only together we are strong. As a lone fighter we have not enough power to communicate with all authorities.

We all have the same goal and can support each other, then we have a chance to establish the CleanSmoke technology and make smoking future-proof.

membership application

Please send the duly completed and signed application form to