Harmful substances are filtered out

A significant benefit of the CleanSmoke technology is that no pollutants from the smoke can pollute the food, because harmful substances such as ash, soot, tar and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are filtered out of the smoke in a multi-stage cleaning process during the production of the primary smoke condensate. This is the reason why the European Union explicitly supports the use of primary smoke condensates (EU Regulation 2065/2003).


Tastes more refined and delicate

Smokers using CleanSmoke can create a much more delicate smoke flavour. Furthermore, just like with fine seasoning, the combination of different wood notes creates a smoke that is much more refined than the typical beech wood.


Same preservability

In addition to taste, smoking is also about preservation of food. Foods smoked with CleanSmoke have the same shelf life as in conventional smoking.