CleanSmoke is the future of smoking

Today’s consumers expect food to be sustainably produced and as lightly polluted as possible. CleanSmoke is cleaned of ash, tar and PAHs by several filter processes.

Alternative manufacturers

We consciously smoke with CleanSmoke. Pay attention to the CleanSmoke seal.

Alternative Dealers

In our offer you will find products smoked with CleanSmoke. Pay attention to the CleanSmoke seal.

Alternative smoke producers

We use a sustainable process to condense the smoke in drinking water so that it can be used in the CleanSmoke smoking process.


CleanSmoke Coalition stands for innovative smoking processes

CleanSmoke is a huge step ahead of conventional smoking. With this innovative smoking process not only safe and healthy products can be produced, but at the same time the environment can be relieved and the working conditions in the smokehouses can be improved. Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), smoking will only become sustainable in this way. Also because the smoking result is comparable with conventional smoking specialities without any cutbacks.


Manufacturers of CleanSmoke, food producers and retailers, manufacturers of modern smokehouses, research institutes, industry associations and NGOs want to work together to make smoking future-proof. At the same time, smoking, which is highly valued by consumers, is brought into line with current demands for sustainable development and healthy nutrition. The members see themselves as partners of the industry throughout Europe and want to pave the way for CleanSmoke at EU level.


Above all, the CleanSmoke Coalition (CSC) calls for the unequivocal recognition of CleanSmoke as smoke throughout Europe so that this process can be used without reservations.

Scientists have long since confirmed that smoke produced from primary smoke products is not a smoke flavour, but smoke – with the same taste only without harmful substances.

Since CleanSmoke promises added value to organic food suppliers in particular, the CSC believes it is only logical to include sustainable smoking in the EC Organic Regulation

Every innovation has its time. The time for CleanSmoke has come now..

To allow consumers to benefit from CleanSmoke products in the future, manufacturers will label their sustainable and harmless products with an unmistakable seal.

Declaration smoke

Our goal is a Europe-wide, unequivocal recognition of CleanSmoke as smoke, so that this process can be used without reservations.


Opening Up of New Markets

We support our members in joint marketing activities: The CSC provides retailers and producers with templates for brochures, posters and advertisements and regularly supplies the local media with press releases. With the CleanSmoke seal, sustainably smoked food can be clearly labelled. The seal provides transparency and clarity on the packaging. CSC members thus distinguish themselves as innovative and consciously sustainable food manufacturers.


Scientific findings: New arguments

We coordinate and initiate studies on modern smoking technologies and make them exclusively available to our members.


WORLDWIDE FORUM: CleanSmoke Coalition Congress

Once a year, manufacturers of CleanSmoke, smokehouses, food manufacturers, scientists and retailers from all five continents meet for the CleanSmoke Coalition Congress. Here, current developments and opportunities will be presented and discussed by experts.



Uwe Vogel

Founding members

Chad Anderson
Holger Landwehr
Uwe Vogel


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