• CleanSmoke is free of unwanted substances such as ash, tar or PAH
  • Less use of chemicals while smoking with CleanSmoke
  • Sustainable and healthy food products are labelled with the CleanSmoke seal

Smoking has been practised for about 9,000 years. This makes smoking one of the oldest methods for preserving food. Although smoke is effective against fungi, viruses and bacteria, it can still affect human health.  This is because contaminants such as ash, tar and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) find their way into meat, sausage, fish or cheese during conventional smoking and are then consumed as well.

Smoking with CleanSmoke, on the other hand, produces smoke from a primary smoke condensate. For this, smoke is generated under controlled conditions, which is then condensed with drinking water and cleaned of unwanted substances such as ash, tar and PAH in a filter process. In addition, smoking with CleanSmoke produces neither open fire nor blaze, which is why no pollutants such as nitrogen oxides (NOx) or carbon monoxide (CO) are produced. “CleanSmoke thus offers significant advantages for a healthier diet. The harmful additives do not come into contact with the food in the first place,” says Uwe Vogel, Chairman of the CleanSmoke Coalition.

CleanSmoke seal for sustainable and more healthy products

With CleanSmoke not only safe and harmless products can be made, but also the burden on the environment can be significantly reduced. The innovative smoking process is free of resins and tar. The German Institute of Food Technology (DIL) has determined in the course of a Life Cycle Assessment that the use of environmentally harmful cleaning agents is significantly lower. If meat only in Germany was smoked exclusively with CleanSmoke, the population would be spared the emission of around 40 tonnes of chemicals. “This would save the lives and health of at least 80,000 people,” says Dr. Smetana from the DIL.

Therefore, the CleanSmoke Coalition, a joint initiative of private persons, companies and associations, that have a professional interest in smoked food and the smoking industry, has launched the CleanSmoke seal. The consumer can see at one glance that meat, fish, sausages or cheese are sustainable and harmless to health.

Find more information about the seal here and here.

Taste without remorse – CleanSmoke reduces health risks of smoked foods