CleanSmoke already meets the demands

According to a recent survey, Germans want more sustainable and environmentally friendly companies. For the market researchers at Rothmund Insights, companies would be well advised to take this even more into account in their product development, communication and corporate management. However, three quarters of those surveyed had the impression that sustainability has so far often only been an advertising slogan used by companies. For companies that smoke with CleanSmoke, this is a great opportunity. Because CleanSmoke doesn’t need any greenwashing, but meets the demands of consumers all along the line – and even more.

“The CleanSmoke smoking process is made for sustainable food production,” says Uwe Vogel, chairman of the Cleansmoke Coalition. For example, there’s the environmental benefit: Compared to CleanSmoke, traditional friction and smoldering smokers perform significantly worse. This has been clearly demonstrated by a life cycle assessment conducted by the German Institute of Food Technologies (DIL). CleanSmoke is freshly produced smoke from primary smoke condensate using compressed air – free of soot, tar, ash and the contamination with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) is reduced by up to 71 %. This means that food can be smoked with low levels of harmful substances. In addition, CleanSmoke produces far fewer rejects because the process technology is much more reliable than conventional smoking. This is one of the reasons why the EU has designated the CleanSmoke process as “Best Available Technique” (BAT).

Sustainable products must be labeled

But customers also want orientation. According to the study, almost nine out of ten respondents currently still find it difficult to decide which products and offerings are actually sustainable. “We urgently need mandatory labeling for products smoked with CleanSmoke. That way, manufacturers and retailers can show more environmental responsibility and meet consumers’ desire for transparency,” says Vogel.

CleanSmoke, which was developed in the U.S. back in the 1950s, leads to a lower contamination of food. Also it is convincing with its positive aspects for climate protection, clean air and reduced water pollution. And even though the number of consumers who would give up a bit of comfort for a more sustainable life and pay a bit more for sustainable offerings is steadily increasing. No one has to give up anything when it comes to products smoked with CleanSmoke. Neither in quality nor in taste. And those who spend more money on food generally throw away much less of it. In this way, customers also honor the sustainability efforts of manufacturers.

German customers demand more sustainability
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