CleanSmoke meets modern customer requirements

Natural, healthy foods are very popular with consumers. But that is not enough for customers anymore. The products should also be produced as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible. After all, according to a survey by the trade magazine “Fleischwirtschaft”, 82 percent of consumers would like more information on more environmentally friendly food production. Conventionally smoked foods do not meet these requirements. The smokehouses still emit too many emissions into air, water and soil despite the legally prescribed filter systems.

The innovative smoking process CleanSmoke, on the other hand, can not only produce safe and harmless products, but also noticeably relieve the burden on the environment. The CleanSmoke Coalition (CSC), a joint initiative of manufacturers of primary smoke products, food producers and retailers, aims to educate consumers and the interested public about the various potentials of CleanSmoke technology. When smoking with CleanSmoke, a stable smoke in the smoking chamber is freshly produced from purified primary smoke condensate using compressed air.

CleanSmoke keeps conventional smokehouses alive

Smoke houses working with CleanSmoke easily comply with all limit values for air pollutants according to TA Luft. For conventional smoking companies in areas with residential buildings, this would be equivalent to a life assurance policy. They would not be threatened by decommissioning or would not have to retrofit their operations with filters at great technical expense. In addition, the water pollution with CleanSmoke is significantly lower. According to a study by the German Institute of Food Technology (DIL), around 2,600 tons of cleaning agents could be saved every year because the CleanSmoke smoke departments are much easier to clean. That is no less than 100 full tank trucks. In addition, there are around 40 tons of chemicals that could be dispensed with. This would improve the lives or health of more than 80,000 people or even save lives.

But not only in the smokehouses can something be done about unnecessary environmental pollution: Consistent use of CleanSmoke also ensures lower traffic emissions, since neither wood has to be delivered nor ash has to be transported away. In contrast, the supply of smoke condensates has to take place comparatively less frequently. These are also produced under controlled conditions with the highest environmental protection standards. CleanSmoke thus makes an active contribution to environmentally friendly and sustainable food production.

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Extreme environmental impacts during smoking are inacceptable