Already smoking sustainably today with Clean Smoke

The Corona pandemic has had a lasting effect on our food consumption and diet. Conscious consumption and a changing understanding of health and sustainability are part of it. No wonder therefore that Food trend researcher Hanni Rützler sets emphasis on these topics in her report of the Food Trends 2022. However, sustainability is no longer a trend, but the “New Normal”. Against this backdrop, the CleanSmoke Coalition emphasizes that the modern smoking process of the same name can meet this customer demand to the full.

Orientation through sustainability labels

Transparency is urgently needed at this point. At present, it is still difficult for consumers to tell which products have actually been produced sustainably. Market experts from Nordlight Research have established that more than 60 percent of Germans would like to see an independent sustainability seal. In addition, almost 40 percent of respondents would like to see detailed information on production and origin.

The CleanSmoke Coalition has long called for a label for sustainably produced smoked products. “This allows manufacturers and retailers to show more environmental responsibility. By this they meet consumers’ desire for transparency,” says Uwe Vogel chairman of the Cleansmoke Coalition.

CleanSmoke is the best available technique for clean smoking

“The CleanSmoke smoking process has been supporting sustainable production of smoked foods for years,” Vogel says. CleanSmoke performs significantly better compared to traditional friction and smolder smoking processes. This has been proven by a life cycle assessment conducted by the German Institute of Food Technologies (DIL).

Specifically, compared to friction and glow smoking, around 50 percent of energy can be saved. And – based on the current German energy mix – around 30 percent of climate gas emissions. In Germany alone, this would mean potential savings of around 600 million kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy. This would mean savings of also around 72,000 metric tons of CO2 equivalents per year. 

When smoking with CleanSmoke, a stable smoke for the smoking chamber is freshly generated from primary smoke condensate using compressed air. This means that food can be smoked with a low level of pollution. And in a climate- and resource-friendly – i.e. sustainable – manner. In addition, CleanSmoke produces significantly fewer rejects because the process technology is much more reliable than with conventional smoking. This is one of the reasons why the EU has named the CleanSmoke process “Best Available Technique” (BAT) for smoking.

Green Normal: Sustainability also a Food Trend in 2022