The CleanSmoke Coalition makes smoking future-proof

Environmentally friendly smoking is state of the art

For the fourth time the International CleanSmoke Coalition Congress will take place this year. At October 29th, 2019 the CleanSmoke Coalition invites all those to Hamburg who are interested in modern smoking.

The CleanSmoke Coalition assembles producers of CleanSmoke, suppliers of modern smoking chambers, forward-thinking meat processors, smoking companies and sustainable retailers. Their goal is to make smoking future-proof. The CleanSmoke Coalition is strongly committed to ensuring that companies can continue smoking despite strict environmental regulations, that sustainability does not end at the smoking chamber and that traditional smoked goods taste as good as they have tasted for centuries but can be offered without any health risks.

Since 2017, the CleanSmoke Coalition has been inviting the industry to discuss new scientific and technological studies on how food can be sustainably produced, a clear declaration of CleanSmoke as smoke, and the benefits for retailers and consumers.

In 2019, the CleanSmoke Coalition Congress will once again address the pressing issues of making smoking future-proof.

Find more information about the CleanSmoke Coalition here or here.

CleanSmoke Coalition Congress 2019