• Consumer interests, EU law and environmental protection in the spotlight
  • Environmental requirements put smokehouses under pressure
  • Insider report on Sweden as an environmentally active country

The fourth CleanSmoke Coalition Congress will take place in Hamburg on October 29th. This year’s topic: “Responsibility for consumers and the environment”. At the Hotel Atlantic Kempinski, around one hundred participants from several European countries will discuss how smoking can be made fit for the future. Since 2017, the CleanSmoke Coalition has been inviting the industry to exchange views on how food can be produced more sustainably, how a clear declaration of CleanSmoke as smoke can be achieved and what benefits there are for manufacturers, retailers and consumers.

“The European political landscape is changing and food policy is changing. Decisions are being made that affect food production and consumption,” says Uwe Vogel, Chairman of the CleanSmoke Coalition. “The organised smoking sector must demonstrate what it can do to meet today’s challenges, contributing to sustainability, healthy nutrition and food diversity. Then it will also play a role in shaping food markets.”

New study on modern smoking

The spectrum of speakers at the Conress ranges from toxicologists, chemists, environmental experts and engineers to specialist lawyers.  These include Dr. Ute Ostermeyer from the Max Rubner Institute in Hamburg, Christopher Proske from the German Environment Agency, Dr. Benjamin Voß, Chairman of the Regulatory Working Group of the CleanSmoke Coalition and Peder Fischer, smoking market expert from Sweden. A study on the demands and potentials of the “green paradigm shift” in food retailing, presented by Frank Quiring of the Rheingold Institute for Market Research, should be of particular interest in times of an increasingly critical attitude of consumers towards food and nutrition.

Discussions will also focus on ways to minimise PAH levels in meat products, 3-MCPD in smoked fish and the genotoxicity of smoke and smoke flavourings. Other topics include the re-authorisation of primary smoke products from 2023 onwards, the reorganisation of best available techniques (BAT) and their impact on industry and an insider report from Sweden, where more than 90 percent of smoking with CleanSmoke is already environmentally friendly and resource-saving.

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International CleanSmoke Coalition Congress in Hamburg