CleanSmoke technology makes smokehouses a safe workplace

Conventional smokehouses are still extremely dangerous places even after 9,000 years of smoking experience. Employees are directly exposed to smoke and toxic gases. In addition, the fire risk due to fire and explosion hazards is constantly lurking. And further environmental pollution can also indirectly lead to health risks for employees while smoking. Safe workplaces are therefore desirable from the employees’ point of view. And they would also meet customers’ expectations. According to the German trade journal “Fleischwirtschaft”, 81 percent of consumers want voluntary information on fair conditions in food production.

Compared to conventional smoking, the innovative smoking process CleanSmoke not only produces environmentally friendly and healthy products, but also makes the workplaces in smokehouses much safer. When smoking with CleanSmoke, a stable smoke for the smoking chamber is freshly produced from primary smoke condensate using compressed air – without any open embers or fires. The CleanSmoke Coalition (CSC), a joint initiative of manufacturers of primary smoke products, food producers and retailers, has set itself the goal of educating consumers and the interested public about the potential of CleanSmoke technology.

Working safer and healthier

Conventional smokehouses are high-risk workplaces. For example, the flue gases produced when wood chips perish can have toxic or carcinogenic effects on humans. In addition to the general emission load in the surroundings of the smokehouses, the smouldering smoke process also increases the risk of fire in the smoke compartments.

No fire or explosion hazard

In contrast, working with CleanSmoke is considerably safer and absolutely harmless to health. The smoke is produced in a closed system (smoke generator) by pyrolysis instead of combustion. There are no hazardous substances such as carbon monoxide and polycyclic aromatics (PAHs) that employees in conventional smokehouses could come into contact with. The risk of cancer-causing wood dust is also excluded, as no chips are used.

For smoking, CleanSmoke is freshly produced into a stable smoke with the aid of compressed air. This smoke, which is produced outside the smoking chamber, is led into the smoking chamber by means of pipes and the exhaust air is led back into the smoke generator. It is therefore a closed smoking system ⎼ without filters, afterburning or emissions. The freshly produced smoke also contains no explosive components such as tar and ash, which are already extracted from the smoke during the production of the smoke condensate. The preventive controls of the smoking plants necessary according to the explosion protection regulation are therefore omitted and smoking is possible 24 hours a day without supervision. This relieves the staff of night shifts.

Safe to store

The non-flammable smoke condensate can be stored safely. And the risky cleaning of the smoke department is no longer necessary, because the fractions that are difficult to remove, such as tar and ash, do not occur in CleanSmoke at all. According to calculations by the German Institute of Food Technology (DIL), 2,600 tonnes of cleaning agents and the emission of around 40 tonnes of 1.4 DCB equivalents of various chemicals can be saved. And this could improve the lives and health of over 80,000 people or even save lives.

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Danger of fire and explosion banished once and for all