Less food waste through smoked food

Every second Germans throw away 571 kilograms of food. An almost unimaginable amount that is produced just for the garbage can. This is why the United Nations is calling for more food security in its “Goals for Sustainable Development“. They also call for better nutrition and an end to world hunger. Food often ends up in the garbage because the best-before date has expired. “Smoked food has a longer shelf life, this has been known for at least 9,000 years,” says Uwe Vogel, Chairman of the CleanSmoke Coalition. The CleanSmoke Coalition is a joint initiative of manufacturers of purified primary smoke products, food producers and retailers. “But if they are smoked with CleanSmoke, they are not only safe because they last longer. They are also safe because they do not contain harmful substances from smoking.

Smoke is the natural enemy of germs

Smoking is one of the oldest and most proven ways to make food safe against all kinds of pathogens. In smoking, meat, fish or other foods are dried by exposing them to warm or hot smoke for a certain period of time. This process removes between 10 and 60 percent of the water from the food, which is bad for the growth of microorganisms.

That is bad for the growth of microorganisms. But that is not the only reason. The preservative effect of smoking is also based on the germ growth-inhibiting or -killing effect of numerous ingredients of the smoke. Those, for example, include aldehydes, phenols and organic acids. In hot smoking, the heat also kills the vegetative surface flora. However, cold smoking is especially suitable for meat products that are to be preserved for a particularly long time. This is due to the significantly longer preservation process.

CleanSmoke is free from harmful substances

However, if the smoked foods are not only to be safe but also healthier, they should be smoked better with CleanSmoke. Because with classical smoking, pollutants such as the ones mentioned above penetrate with the smoke into the food and are thus also consumed. They develop when wood burns. In contrast, smoking with recycled smoke from primary smoke condensate, the CleanSmoke, does not produce any harmful substances. For the primary smoke products, smoke is generated under controlled conditions from untreated sawdust or residual wood, which is condensed with drinking water and then cleaned of undesirable substances such as ash, soot, tar and PAHs in a multi-stage filter process. Food smoked with CleanSmoke is therefore not only a contribution to greater food security, but also to better nutrition.

Food security is improved by CleanSmoke
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